19 Nov 2015

MENYESAL BELI BRUSH IN2IT | Assalamualaikum beautiful girls. Short review gonna share with you guys today. Surely all girls will own at least 1 of face brush. Like me ~ only have 1 .. can't believe it? Yes I only own 1 for now. Looking for new brush to replace the old brush but ~~ Let read my review bellow yeah. 

At first i look at IN2IT brush i really do like it so much. Silver in color with swivel up brush. Just complete as what i need. Stated on the cover it is "Soft hair swivel up brush". Buttttt ~ totally not agree sebab langsung tak soft weh! Keras dan kasar bila sapu dekat muka. 

Normally look, but once apply on my face. Pergh kasar giler ~ plus the smell OMG busuk giler. I'm not sure how to describe the smell but its similar like burning plastic. Oh cannot tahan weh ~ 

Not sure what to do with the brush ~ painting? Haha ~ Lol maybe you guys got experienced with it and tips. Boleh share dengan liz yeah. Yang pastinya sekarang simpan dulu dalam box. Ada kerajinan mungkin perlu rendam dalam air sabun. While apply at first time pun, bulu-bulu brush ada melekat dekat muka. Really not recommended! 

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