16 Nov 2015

PUSAT REFLEXOLOGY USJ SUBANG JAYA MURAH | Assalamualaikum beautiful girls. Are you looking for a cheap foot massage? Kita boleh geng! 

Normally people will think twice before agree to do any foot massage when look at the price. Like me, i really do need foot massage  (akibat suka pakai heels hoho) but when it come to the price. OMG expensive nyaaa ~ 

Finally success looking a place with a best price ever than other places. Only RM25 for half an hour and RM45 if you want to done it for 1 hour. Super cheap right!

The place is really peaceful. Put on some music that can make you feel sleepy. Haha. 

First step surely the masseur will ask you to clean up your foot. By the way this is my first time you alls. Adeh tak reti nak buat apa, jadi ikut jelah step-step ibu ni suruh. 

The masseur is Indonesian, very friendly and knowledgeable about reflexology. Because this is first timer kan, jadi when start urut rasa geli-geli. I really appreciate when she worked on those tensed areas until they loosen up. I really enjoyable and    my legs felt lighter after the session. The lady did excellent on my feet. 

Rasa selesa bila ada pembahagian between man and woman. So no worries ~ Just enjoy and relax.

Lets come over to Mydin USJ Subang Jaya. Hanya di sebelah pos office. Easy to park too. 

Lets going home. Kaki pun dah rasa best. Sebelum ni kalau naik tangga lutut ada rasa macam berlaga-laga but now rasa ringan sikit. Will come again untuk kesan yang lebih baik nanti. Tumit kaki pun rasa lega sikit~ hehe akibat pakai heels ler tu. 

Jom share dengan liz if you guys ada experience yang sama. Atau mana-mana lokasi yang nice that should try. Let me know okay.